About Me


As a child, I’d write on anything that could be written on—at least when my nose wasn’t poked between the pages of a book. So, there really was no other career choice for me than journalism.

Twenty-plus years into my career, I’ve seen some changes—and have seen some things stay the same.

I continue to write for the trade magazines and custom publications that have been my bread and butter since day one. From CSP to Full Service Restaurant and JCK, I enjoy every story I write since it’s an opportunity to learn something new, yet build on the knowledge I already have.

I also occasionally branch into consumer magazines, writing for The Guardian, Parents, and newspapers in the UK, Canada and Australia.

Essays are an important facet to my work, produced them when inspiration strikes. They’ve been published in Parents, New York Press, The Toronto Star and Australia’s Courier-Mail.

I live on an island in the northern part of the Puget Sound in Washington State, where I’ve lived for ten years, after a decade in New York City. I have a husband and one daughter, whose curiosity about the world rivals my own.