Amanda Baltazar writes about nearly everything—except perhaps politics. Try her on any topic, from science to food and pets, and you’ll receive a well-written and well-researched article, always delivered on time.


A few of Amanda’s trade and industry specialties include restaurants, food, beverages, retail, pharmaceuticals, and health. Her consumer specialties include parenting, food, travel, and health.


“Amanda is a tireless editor and writer with a nose for fun, provocative stories. She managed to create a robust restaurant magazine out of nothing more than an idea when we first hired her, and took personal responsibility over its success. Any publication that hires Amanda is in luck!”

Blair Chancey, former editorial director of Food News Media, publisher of Restaurant Management


Amanda Baltazar is a versatile writer and solid researcher who’s never missed a deadline. With her wide-ranging expertise, I know I can depend on Amanda to be an active part of the creative process as well, contributing topic ideas whenever called upon.”

Karen English, Associate Editorial Director, The Pohly Company