Clips from freelance writer Amanda Baltazar

Here are some of the most recent clips from freelance writer Amanda Baltazar. After 20+ years of writing for trade magazines, she has written thousands of articles. For a more diverse range, including some consumer publication stories, see the links at the bottom.


On the first weekend of the new year, The Mayfair Supper Club opened its doors within the Bellagio resort and casino on Las Vegas’s famed Strip. In a city of high rollers and glitzy spectacle, restaurant debuts aren’t typically a noteworthy occasion. But The Mayfair Supper Club is an altogether different affair.

Amanda Baltazar

FSR Magazine | Welcome to a New Era of Casino Dining


In 2014, Sahil Rahman and his childhood friend Rahul Vinod quit their jobs in New York City, moved back in with their parents, and started working on a plan to open their own restaurant.

Amanda baltazar

QSR  Magazine | How to Launch a Restaurant Concept


Containers and packaging constitute 30% of all waste, per the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the large amount that isn’t recycled is dumped into landfills or is incinerated, leaving behind noxious air pollution. It’s a compounded problem that continues to mount, with forecasts predicting that the amount of plastic will increase fourfold by 2050.

Amanda Baltazar

Winsight | The Future of Packaging

Restaurants, Food, Foodservice

FSR Magazine

Welcome to a new era of casino dining

February 2020

In the age of eatertainment, marrying one-of-a-kind experiences to superior F&B programs keeps guests rolling in.

FSR Magazine

Inside The Cheesecake Factory’s New Restaurant Empire

January 2020

What does the future look like for the casual giant and fox restaurant concepts after their blockbuster merger — and what does it mean for the industry?

QSR Magazine

How to launch a restaurant concept

November 2019

In 2014, Sahil Rahman and his childhood friend Rahul Vinod quit their jobs in New York City, moved back in with their parents, and started working on a plan to open their own restaurant.

Food service equipment & Supplies

Functional by design: Expediting stations

April 2020

You could argue that it’s the most important station in any kitchen, but the expediting station is often given the least consideration. Every single meal in any restaurant or foodservice operation flows through here, increasing the importance that the station be placed correctly, remain organized and include an ergonomic design.

Restaurant Development + Design

Best practices for safe take-out and delivery

April 2020

Cleanliness is the No. 1 concern of consumers today, with great taste coming in second, according to a report, COVID-19: Into the Home by Datassential, a Chicago-based market research firm.

Restaurant Development + Design

Retail restaurants

April 2020

While some retail storefronts shutter, others are branching out and creating destinations for shoppers. Some are even turning shoppers into diners.



online cooking classes cater to quarantined consumers

May 2020

Americans ready to cook, or to cook better, flock to the internet

Foodservice Director

Bringing Training In-House

March 2020

As labor struggles endure, some operations are bringing culinary training in-house.


Natural Wines: Selling, naturally

December 2019

8ARM Wine opened this September in Atlanta, serving only natural wines.


Winsight Grocery Business

grocers ramp up snack offerings

May 2020

Consumers snack for various reasons and while health plays a strong role, indulgence does, too.

winsight Grocery Business

Crafting a New Route for Artisan Foods

January 2020

Small-batch artisanal products poised to strengthen, sources say.

Vows magazine

Check Out In Style

September 2019

When customers check out at Coreena’s Bridal Boutique in College Station, Texas, they are greeted by a wall of shimmering silver sequins, which closes out the bridal shopping experience with pizzazz.


Winsight Grocery Business

The Future of Packaging: Tackling Plastic’s Plight

January 2020

CPG leaders are marshaling resources amid heightened scrutiny in a no-waste world.

specialty food association

brands indicate carbon footprint on packaging

July 2020

Greenhouse gas emission numbers help consumers make choices


SINGled Out

May 2020

Restaurants are starting to seriously consider single-use plastics

specialty food association

zeroing in on waste

Spring 2020

These restaurants and foodservice facilities are joining the fight to reduce food and packaging waste.



Lost in translation

July 2014

How I learned to speak like an American mom, one baby step at a time.

The Star

Lying your way through dinner and dessert

November 2008

Newport, Ore.–”I have been featured in Playboy, spent hours in the dungeon of a dominatrix and met my husband while posing naked in New Zealand.”


Trail of the unexpected: Lyon’s Answer to Punch and Judy

June 2008

Extreme violence and misogyny are the last things you’d expect to find on a holiday in France, but that’s what you get a dose of in the puppet shows of Lyon. 

The Guardian

Fire: the latest must-have ingredient in California restaurant kitchens

October 2015

Restaurant chefs are using fire to create knockout dishes at high-end eateries, but you can achieve the same sparks at home, too.