When I was s child, I got in trouble for writing on magazines in stores, on my mom’s shopping list and anything else I could find.

So a career as a journalist and writer was a natural fit.

Born, bred and buttered in England, I moved to the U.S. in 1996. I faxed more than 70 cover letters and resumes to editors in New York and as luck would have it, one of them hired me, once he’d met me in person. It must have been the flashy mint green suit.

I worked on staff at various B2B magazines in New York City, and prior to that, for a trade magazine and a photo-journalism agency in London, UK.

In 2011 I helped launch a restaurant magazine (now FSR magazine) where I worked as an editor for 18 months. I know what it’s like to be on both sides of the editor-writer relationship and one of my chief goals is making editors’ lives easier.

In my 20+ year career, I’ve written about everything from dog flatulence to diabetes but now I focus on food/beverage/restaurants/bars and retail, as well as everywhere they connect. I cover operations, marketing, development, employee retention and hiring, food and what inspires people.

Today, from my home base in the soggy Pacific Northwest, I write around 150 articles a year.

When I’m not working I’m reading, or baking, or running, or biking, or tending my little vegetable garden. And if there’s extra time on top of that I’ll do some more reading. I spend a lot of time with my daughter and my pilot husband on the weeks he’s home. The three of us play a ridiculous amount of board games and spend a lot of time laughing at our cat. I’m passionate about sustainability and reducing the amount of plastic waste in the world.


Q & A with me


Why hire me to write for you?

  • You’ll receive accurate copy that needs minimal editing.
  • I never miss deadlines.
  • My stories are filled with facts, with some color thrown in.
  • After more than two decades, I know what I’m writing about.
  • I have an overstuffed virtual rolodex of sources, from chefs to CEOs to PRs.


What don’t I do?

  • I don’t use words like “utilize” when “use” will do.
  • I don’t pad my stories; if they’re running short, I’ll tell the editor.
  • I don’t provide stories any more than 10% over the assigned story count, though often it takes a lot of cutting to get there.


Why do editors like me?

  • I make your lives easier.
  • I keep you informed if a story’s having problems or ask questions if I need to.
  • I do my own fact checking.
  • I provide artwork with my stories.
  • There’s no need to stress when you hire me. I’ll provide everything you need from sidebars to graphs, pull quotes and contact information for sources.
  • I pitch, providing ideas for future stories.


How much do I charge?

It varies on the story, so it never hurts to ask, but my rates are in line with the going rates for high-quality B2B journalism work.


What’s the strangest place I’ve ever done an interview?

In a laundromat in New York.


At least it was warm.


What’s my favorite story?

That’s a hard one, but I think it’s this story about the future of packaging. Reducing plastic waste is something I have strong opinions about. I learned a lot and felt hopeful while researching this piece.

But I have a deep love for this essay/reported article, too, on a hotel restaurant in Oregon.

“Amanda is the consummate professional. She always turns in her work on time (or early), gets great information (and photos!) from her sources and writes so well (while triple-checking her work) that I barely need to edit anything or worry about mistakes. She is an editor’s dream!”

Amelia Levin

Editor-in-Chief | National Culinary Review

“Amanda is a first-rate reporter who has a knack for finding the best sources to fit any assignment. She puts time and care into her work, taking deep dives into complex topics and then breaking them down into accessible stories that both inform and engage readers. On a personal level, she is a joy to work with thanks to a positive attitude and the collaborative approach that she brings to every project.”

Nicole Duncan

Editor | FSR Magazine

“Amanda is a phenomenal writer and a joy to work with. Amanda always comes to the table with topics that will create interest and engagement with readers and uncovers insights new to topics. She always meets deadlines and has great communication. Her enthusiasm for journalism shines through her words!”

Isabel Ramirez

Content Marketing Manager | RangeMe

“Whenever Amanda takes on an assignment for FSD, I know it’s in good hands. There can be a lot of “inside baseball” in the industry we cover, but she dives right into the topic at hand and really nails it. She’s a great communicator, skilled storyteller and lovely to work with. I highly recommend her.”

Kelsey Nash

Editor-in-Chief | FoodService Director

“I have had the pleasure of working with Amanda Baltazar in a freelance capacity for a number of years now. I’ve assigned her countless stories on a variety of topics during my time as editor in chief and now editorial director of two different trade publications. Whatever the topic at hand, Amanda delivers well-written and -researched copy on or before deadline. She is a consummate professional and an asset to any editorial team looking to expand its stable of freelance writers.”

Jennifer Strailey

Editorial Director | The Packer

“Amanda is proactive, reliable and talented. She produces quality work tailored appropriately to our niche audience, meets deadlines, and demonstrates professionalism every step of the way!”

Shannon Hurd

Editor in Chief | Vows Magazine

“Amanda is always a pleasure to work with. She turns in articles on time that are complete, well-considered, and well written that provide a great variety of excellent sources. She’s communicative but never gets mad when I’m impossible to reach.”

Rebecca Kilbreath

Editor in Chief | Restaurant Development + Design Magazine

“Amanda is a self-starter who proactively pitches ideas that are both interesting and relevant to our specialized reader base. She is a hard worker and relentlessly pursues stories that other reporters might give up on. She is also easy to work with. A true gem.”

Julie Gallagher

Managing Editor | Specialty Food Magazine